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The Pool

Our Ecological Swimming Pool

Our very own little eco-system - The heart of Orion
Once described as "like swimming in Evian" in a Guardian article, swimming in an ecological pool is a completely different swimming experience (no red eyes or itchy skin for starters!).
Filtered by plants, stones, gravel, and sand and oxygenated by a little waterfall and a fountain, this closed system is one we truly treasure.

From the first frog songs in early spring to tadpole season and the dances of the dragonflies in summer, life in and around the pool never fails to fascinate. 
The pool is truly the heart of Orion. The treehouses are built around it and should you wish to have a coffee, apéro, or even dinner with other guests, our large communal table is on the terrace above it.

Reserve our barrel sauna just for you

Especially during spring and autumn:
Raise your body temperature with a detoxifying sauna session and reinvigorate the senses by jumping into the pool!


Price: €50 for one or two guests
(includes essential oils, infused water and bathrobes)


Book a Massage 

The total relaxation

Why not go all in and pamper yourself and/or your loved one with a massage?

We are blessed to have a couple of excellent massage therapists as neighbors who happily invite you into their beautiful, calming, and cool massage studio (only a short walk away).

€85 for 60 min & and €120 for 90 min at the Blue Tree Massage studio.

Discover more rates and packages directly on their website.

You can also opt for a massage at Orion - on your terrace, in between the trees.

€125 for 60 min & €160 for 90 min per person at Orion treehouses.

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