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holistic massage

1,5 - 2 h

in our pop-up wellness centre at Orion


Touch is a powerful medicine. It is the most grounded way to release stress, improve your immune function and find a sense of peace.

When we're in a state of deep rest and relaxation, it is easier for us to hear the soft whispers of our inner voice and to connect with ourselves on a more profound level.

I work by listening to your body. I provide relaxing and activating massages, always creating a dynamic flow between a soft, slow, receptive and loving energy, and a firmer and more active presence to show you where something needs to be felt.

I combine energy work, breath work, acupressure and reflexology within my treatments. I will always provide more attention to the areas that you request me to, or that your body seems to be needing.

Throughout all my massages I incorporate the use of infused and essential oils.


​Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays 

only in July 2022


"Ivy's therapeutic approaches are holistic, which is very much reflected in the practical experience: a complete response to the individual needs in precisely this moment. 
Ivy is gifted with the magic to create an experience which transforms one to a state of total inner peace and safety.  professionalism at its best.”

- Daniela, 44

"It's more than just a massage, it's like a ceremony. Ivy's touch is electric. I feel so calm, peaceful and grounded within myself."

— Hannah, 34

"Ivy knows how to work with energy. I practice kundalini yoga, so I know what it feels like. She was able to harmonise my left and right sides. It was like she was using more than two hands, at some points it felt like five hands working on me. It was magical..."

— Michaela, 53


only in July 2022

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