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Babies at Orion

We’ve had many happy babies at Orion over the years and hope to be able to welcome many more.

The shaded parts of the garden and the magnitude of birds, squirrels and flowers, scuttling lizards & curious dragonflies offer a lot of stimulation & entertainment to even the littlest ones.

Our natural pool - without chlorine or other nasties that can be bad for baby’s skin - is a source of a lot of joyful baby sounds, to everyone's delight.

For this reason and many more, we’ve had many more happy parents at Orion, but not all are, and that’s why I thought this post was in order. In the hopes not to scare young parents away, but to the contrary, give enough information to avoid surprises of the less enjoyable kind. :)

While many parents report their babies (and children in general) sleep much better than they expected in their treehouse, we’ve had parents who felt less positive about the amount of stairs they have to climb with baby in their arms.

As our property sits on the side of a hill, there’s quite a bit of leg work to do (which incidentally is one of the reasons why we recommend packing light).

The parking lot is also a little walk away from the treehouses, the nearest being King Louie, followed by Bagheera and Shere Khan.

Treehouse Colonel Hath is the furthest away, the highest on the property, with the most flights of stairs.

We have one highchair on the property as well as one cot, the sturdy kind. In wood. With a real mattress. We supply sheets & super cute fast drying baby towels that can be used by the pool as well.

During summer we also make sure to put a mosquito net above your baby’s bed.

We don’t charge anything extra for babies, but we can only offer a cot to one baby at any one point.

This means that, even though everybody can select “cot” with every reservation, I might have to e-mail you saying the cot’s already been taken. If you want to make sure it’s available before you book, feel free to contact us.

We can move things around so that a baby bed fits in the main bedroom of any of our treehouses. (the little cabin Mowgli as well as the children’s bedroom in Colonel Hathi are too small for a cot)

None of our treehouses however is big enough for two baby beds as well as enough room to comfortably move around.

All treehouses have stair gates on top of the stairs to the terrace, the lower deck of treehouse Colonel Hathi does not have a gate however. Colonel Hathi's upstairs bedroom is also not ideal for small children as the stairs up to the second floor are rather steep and do not have a gate at the top.

There’s a microwave oven in the little guest “Kitchen area” (in between treehouse Bagheera and the first flight of stairs up to treehouse Colonel Hathi) to heat baby bottles, and a fridge to store milk & baby food (as well as other perishable items your family might wish to have at hand).

Feel free to comment or contact me should you have further questions, remarks or thoughts. This blogpost can always be added to! With love,



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