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Deconstructed Orangette Spread Recipe

Especially for you Sirine & Caroline <3

This concoction isn't a pretty one, but lovers of bitter orange and dark chocolate swoon over it, so naturally it deserves a place on this little blog.

I call this my zero-waste jam (even though it's technically not jam and because of the chocolate and the sugar not actually zero waste ...) BUT it does divert a whole lot of orange peels from going to the compost (which is good since they are too acidic for a healthy compost anyway) so: Go buy some lovely juicy oranges,

treat yourself to some freshly squeezed orange juice and let the fun begin!

With a spoon, scoop out as much of the white stuff as you can (the pith - as google tells me) and cut the peel up in smaller chunks. (I cut some up on strips to later dunk in melted chocolate to make actual Orangettes, but that's of course optional)

To get at least some of the bitterness out, put the orange peel chunks/strips in a casserole filled with cold water & bring to a boil. Discard the water & repeat this step once more & then once again in water with a couple of generous tablespoons of sugar. (the amount of sugar of course depends on the size of your casserole, the amount of oranges and the amount of water so just see how you go!)

The peel should be super soft by now, and a little sweet but not overly so.

Leave them to cool somewhat & then put them in a blender, maybe add some sugar water to get the right stickiness.

When the orange mixture has cooled completely it's time to chop some dark chocolate and mix it in.

The candied orange mixture keeps in the fridge for a good long time. If you've made a lot, don't add chocolate to all of it just yet. I keep chopped chocolate in a jar in the fridge to mix the two together on demand.




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