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Green Food in Nice

Today I want to share a website we're super excited about:

The Green Food website lists only eco-conscious & sustainable restaurants. This means restaurants who use a majority of local and organic foods in the development of their menus, who are committed to reducing waste by recycling & composting, using organic cleaning products, and working towards reducing their energy consumption. Completely up our alley!

And here's why we're extra excited: We have 4 restaurants with the Green Food label in Nice! Badaboom is a fully vegan café & lunch restaurant (open 9:00-16:00 from Monday to Saturday) that holds a special place in our hearts, not in the least because they have a pay it forward scheme so people with less means can come and enjoy a meal or a hot drink.

Paper plane, the Healer & les Agitateurs we haven't tested yet but you can bet we will!


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