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Home made Yoghurt

As a self acclaimed Eco B&B we need to keep learning, keep testing, keep improving.

One big thing we did to minimise single use plastic is making our own yoghurt.

That's when we got our Thermomix (at least 7 years ago now) which makes yoghurt making super easy.

Typical Breakfast spread at Orion B&B

For the lucky few who own this magical machine (I know you're out there!), here's how to do it:

You'll need:

- your Thermomix

- 200g yoghurt "starter" or basically "ready" yoghurt: this can be store-bought (organic) for your first batch, afterwards you can use 200g of your very own homemade yoghurt.

- 1 liter full fat organic milk

- a big thermos

- a glass jar or container of some kind 

Here's how you do it:

Making yogurt takes about 15 "present" minutes.

The process takes about 6h to complete and then the yoghurt needs to chill in the fridge before you serve it.

Switch on your thermomix and pour in at least 200g yoghurt. (the scale function will help you with that)

Add the milk and blend it together quickly (speed 4)

Set the temperature to 37 degrees and let the yoghurt "churn" for about 13 minutes (speed 2)

Heat up your thermos by pouring boiling water into it. When the thermomix is finished, empty the thermos and pour your milk and yoghurt mixture into it.

Let it sit like that, untouched (apparently yoghurt doesn't like to be disturbed) for at least 6 hours after which you can pour it into a glass jar and chill it in the fridge.

We usually make yoghurt around noon, so it's ready to be put in the fridge in the evening, ready to be served the next morning.

Yoghurt typically gets better with time so don't eat everything all at once!

If you're curious about our Zero Waste Granola recipe, you can find it here.

Let us know how it goes! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch!


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