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la Fille du Sud

This is a story about a lovely couple who booked a treehouse for one night earlier this spring. They showed up with their adorable son in tow, I showed them their treehouse, and while the little boy was happily bouncing on the bed they were quiet for a bit ... and then said "We can't leave tomorrow, can we stay two nights instead?"

The next morning Marie explained she just started a new business as an event creator. She organises baby showers, birthdays, weddings, and any other get-together you'd want a fabulously decorated space for ... and if she could use Orion for a photoshoot? But of course!

So here's the result:

And even the terrace beneath our treehouse Bagheera got a little styling!

In love yet? Contact details: La Fille du Sud

0658 45 77 83

IG & FB: lafilledusud_events


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