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Monday Mornings in Nice

Cours Saleya in the old town of Nice is home to the Marché aux Fleurs from Tuesday to Sunday but on Mondays the flowers give way to antiques, vintage treasures and all other kinds of second hand finds, from the sparkliest jewellery to the random-est bric-a-brac.

Test your bargaining skills (prices aren't the lowest) or just enjoy the atmosphere, marvelling at all the trinkets (some clearly more valuable to their previous owners than they will ever be to any of us) that were somehow saved from time & attics around the region and made it all the way into the open air of our present day.

Breakfast at Pain&Cie in Nice

There are plenty of places around Cours Saleya for a coffee or a bite to eat and some excellent people watching. Pictured here is your typical French Breakfast at Pain&Cie.

Because 2nd breakfast is always preferable to lunch!

What: Brocante Saleya

When: Mondays, 7:30am till late afternoon Where: Cours Saleya, Nice

Pictures taken in January 2019 by yours truly.


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