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Yoga with Aina at Orion

Hi! This is Orion's new yoga teacher speaking! It's hard to believe there ever was a time we didn't offer yoga at Orion.

It's also hard to believe there ever was a time I didn't practise it, so to now be able to offer yoga at Orion myself is truly wonderful. Yoga is my medicine for all things life-related and I honestly couldn't imagine my life without it anymore. If you practise yoga I'm sure you know what I mean. If you don't, then I'd be more than honoured to be your guide. There's not better place to do yoga than outside in nature!

Join me on the mat during your stay with us for a lovely stretch, some balancing and some strengthening. No prior experience is required. No fancy yoga clothes required. Just wear something you can move in and come down from your treehouse! Drop us a line via to reserve your spot! Namaste, Aina


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